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Research Pathway: Human-Wildlife conflicts

Lucanus – Revista de Ambiente e Sociedade from Lousada (Portugal) has the aims to ensure the exchange of knowledge and new prospects for the environment, Ecology, Conservation of Natural Resources, Environmental Education and, Communication and Divulgation of Science.

Recently, the journal has released volume four with really interesting publications about different topics like environmental volunteering in Lousada, Guarda RIOS project, underground water resources, esquilo-siberiano, Municipal Plan of Leitur, scientific illustration of wildlife, Portuguese oaks, acorns for human consumption, rewilding approach for wolves conservation, and urban wild boar in Barcelona.

We are lucky to have contributed to LUCANUS with the article entitled “Estudo e gestão do javali urbano em Barcelona” summarizing some results of our urban wild boar project.

You can check the publication on page 182 to 194, and the full journal here (

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