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Actualizado: 8 feb 2021

Sarcoptic mange in the Iberian Ibex population of Ports de Tortosa y Beceite, Northeast Spain

Research Pathway: Wildlife Health and Disease

Referencia del proyecto / Reference: REF-CGL2016-80543-P-046

Recently we have published two new articles focused on sarcoptic mange. One is a comment on the published article “The treatment of sarcoptic mange in wildlife: a systematic review” from Rowe et al. 2019, in this letter we discussed the limitations in the use of endectocides for scabies control in free-ranging wildlife.

The other one is a literature review, where we summarized knowledge on the effects of sarcoptic mange in wild Caprinae, at individual, pathological and population epidemiological levels, as well as on the current tools and management strategies for its detection, diagnosis, prevention, and control.

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