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Actualizado: 8 feb 2021

Global assessment of increasing wild ungulate numbers on ecosystem integrity

Research Pathway: Wildlife Ecology and Management

RTI2018-094202-B-C21 «Proyectos de I + D Retos de Investigación”, Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades, Gobierno de España. Period: 2019-2022.

We are ready for the action in Muela de Cortes, Valencia.

Describing phenology of ecosystem function…

“The first step in the INCREMENTO project is to describe ecosystem functioning without the action of large herbivores

That foodscapes area step forward to link the availability of food resources and ability of resilience of herbivore populations suffering from chronic diseases. We will take advantage of this experience to apply the same foodscape method in our experimental enclosures in Valencia, Quintos de Mora and Valsemana.

Pollinators have arrived

Rosemary bush is flourishing and a plethora of tiny bees, and flies are visiting the enclosures. We suppose that deer will have a huge impact on flower availability and in turn on the pollinator community…but let us see

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